Realising the value of flexible working

//Realising the value of flexible working

Recently the RSA released a research report on, what they call, The Flex Factor. The report is based on a large survey directed at employees and senior managers into the extent and nature of flexible working practices in UK organizations.

The results show that the value of flexible working practices has significant links to overall organisation performance, innovative capacity and skills utilization, as well as employee wellbeing and satisfaction. Adoption of flexible working practices should be considered on a broader scale, also in the followers category of organisation.

Adoption should be customized to meet the characteristics of the organisation. E.g. more culture-driven organisations require a different approach then technology-focused or follower organisations.

Given the (commercial and community) value to be derived from flexible working, the report champions a renewed commitment to experimenting with working arrangements that “better fit the reality of 21st century working lives”. Preferably focusing on the quality aspects of flexible working practices to be adopted.

Investment in the flexible infrastructure is one of the more tangible aspects to focus on including availability of a variety of remote work locations, 24/7 anywhere systems access and new connection and collaboration instruments.

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